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Welcome to Galley Gourmet With Chef Lisa, Come with us on a journey of the Beautiful British Virgin Islands, where Australian born Yacht Chef, Lisa, introduces us to the islands and the people she fell in love with.

Lisa cooks with chefs and cooks from a variety of kitchens, whether its in the galley of a luxury yacht, 5 star villas, private islands, or cooking in the middle of an orchard, or learning the art of Jerk Chicken with the guys, cooking on steel drums in a street side stand, aside from visual eye candy, we won't be suprised if your tastebuds are working overtime too.

A fun and informative show

Not just another cooking show

Galley Gourmet With Chef Lisa, is on its 8th season, originally airing just on tv in the BVI, it has now gone into syndication and can be seen throughout the Caribbean, cities in the USA and Canada.

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Learn a little bit about Chef Lisa

Following her heart, Lisa gave up her life in Australia and joined her boyfriend, on an adventure to the British Virgin Islands, she arrived in 2004, planning on staying for 3 weeks, she quickly fell love with the country and its people. As a land based chef in Australia, stepping on board yachts, at first was a bit of a learning curve, but one she quickly adapted to.

It was while on board a luxury motor yacht, which happened to have a tv in the galley, that Lisa came up with the idea of a cooking show, filmed on location in the galley of yachts, as well as private islands, 5 star villas, and restaurants etc... showcasing the talented chefs of the BVI, she contacted a local TV network, who were immediately on board and had been looking for cooking show content, the show started airing originally just in the BVI, after a year it was picked up by a syndication company and now is in its 8th year airing Internationally throughout the Caribbean, cities in the US and Canada.

Lisa and her team have filmed at Richard Bransons " Necker Island", on board luxury super yachts, on deserted islands, Lisa has cooked Jerk Chicken on steel drums at Road side stands, every episode is relaxed magazine show style format, where Lisa chats and cooks along side the guest chef who prepares one of their favourite dishes.

Season 8 is all about local BVI personalities showing Lisa favourite meals from their childhood, Lisa will be introducing us to the exciting new influx of boutique organic farms in the BVI. So join Lisa as she shows us the reason she fell in love with The British Virgin Islands.


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